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8 months old and alredy knew what to do!

18 months old with my favorite toys!

2 years old me and my “pal” Neil Peart

2 and a half years old and it was starting to get serious

8 years old, my aunt and me at my first presentation

10 years old with the Burn band

10 years old with Aquiles Priester

10 years old with Vinny Appice and my dad

10 years old with Burn band on the RRoN1 Festival

10 years old on Monsters of Rock with my dad (2015)

10 years old my first experience recording on studio – MGB studio (2015)

11 years old recording whit Burn Band - FONZARE Studio (2016)

11 years old on Iron Maiden whit my dad (2016)

11 years old whit SEPULTURA (2016)

11 years old whit Juliano Jacob - GuitarMusicShop (2016)

11 years old on Workshow "Rhythms, beats and drums in the history of humanity" (2016)

12 years old whit TIM RIPPER OWENS (2016)

12 years old Presentation in MGB/GuitarMusicShop and the talk of Rick Bonadio (2017)

12 years old with Kiko Freitas (2017)

12 years old with "the new" Burn Band - Finalists at Imagine Festival Brazil (2017)

12 years old with professor Fabiano Manhas (2018)

Art Cover of "SUPERNOVA" EP from my band BURN INCORPORATED (2018)

I in the internal art of the EP "SUPERNOVA" of my band BURN INCORPORATED (2018)

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